A couple of days ago,I came across an old notebook that contained my 2014 resolutions and I could not believe my eyes;

  • Get rich
  • Get a ride
  • Improve on my eating habits
  • Get to know God

I laughed at myself.How could I possibly put God at the bottom of my list?Does scripture not say,’Seek first the Kingdom of God and all the rest will fall in line?’How the hell did I think I was going to get anywhere with these resolutions with Him being an option or last resort?Well,here I am,six days into the New Year and I can assure you that the highlight of my year was getting closer to God more than ever.Ironic,huh?I didn’t get any richer,I still roll in taxis,I lost more weight than ever!

‘Abide in me and I will abide in you.‘To abide means to be consistent,long lasting.In the past years,I would run to my Heavenly Father mostly when I needed something.If I got it,I would say a tiny thank you and run away.If I didn’t,I would get really mad and drift further away from Him than I already was.This past year,I learnt that to be in a relationship with someone,you had to stick around in both the good and the bad times,just like the wedding vows,’for better,for worse.So that’s pretty much what having a relationship with God is like;sticking with Him in both your good and bad times,to share your joy with Him,to share your pain and hurt with Him and not run away instead.There is no detail too small to be shared with Him.1 Peter 5:7 tells us,‘Leave your worries with the Lord because He cares for you.’He cares!Every little detail of your life matters to Him.

A relationship with God is not any different from oneĀ  with your best friend;

  • Talking to Him and checking up on Him more than anyone else
  • Sharing your fears and ‘darkest‘ secrets with Him
  • Having a shoulder to lean on in the darkest of times

So as the New Year starts,lets set our priorities right.Lets put God first above everything else.Like the book of Proverbs says,‘Ask the Lord to bless your plans and you will be successful in carrying them out,‘let us put Him above and before every plan we have for this year.It’s never too late to alter that resolutions list my friend;

  • Get rich Give my life to Jesus
  • Get a ride Get into a personal relationship with Christ
  • Improve on my eating habits Build a relationship in the Word
  • Improve on my class grades Focus on Him above everything else